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Meet the Team

Leonhard Nima


Leonhard Nima’s expertise builds on social business work experience with companies, foundations & universities in 15 countries. Moreover, he works as a moderator at conferences all around the globe.

Aline Laucke_square225
Dr. Aline Laucke

Chief Impact Officer

Aline Laucke has served as a consultant for corporate responsibility, social enterprise and social financing for the last eight years. She holds a PhD in management and organization theory.

Ella-Maria Gollmer

Project Manager

Ella-Maria Gollmer works at Studio Nima as a Project Manager. She pursued an interdisciplinary Master‘s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Leandra Weber


Leandra works at Studio Nima as Designer who likes to investigate design solutions within the field of circular economy and works on graphic design, illustrations and all other creative things.

Laura Wagmann

Working Student

Laura Wagmann is a working student at Studio Nima and is currently studying the M.Sc. Sustainable Resource Management (SRM) at the Technical University of Munich.

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