Impact Evaluation Unusual Pioneers Program

Yunus Social Business (YSB) is a social business fund and corporate social innovator co-founded by Peace Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus. YSB’s mission is to expand the social business model throughout the developing world and to corporations globally, with the aim to utilize the tools developed in the business world, to create financially self-sustaining companies dedicated to reducing poverty.

In 2022, Studio Nima was commissioned to evaluate the impact of two specific activities of YSB, namely the first cohort of the Unusual Pioneers Program and the Social Procurement Manual. Unusual Pioneers is a Social Intrapreneurship Program, initiated by Yunus Social Business, in partnership with Porticus, and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, sister organization of the World Economic Forum. The program takes intrapreneurs and their executives on a 9-month journey to impact. Studio Nima developed an online survey to gather the feedback of participants and assess whether YSB’s declared impact objectives could be reached through the program. 

The Social Procurement Manual is a report published by Yunus Social Business in partnership with Porticus and the World Economic Forum’s COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs (CRASE) providing hands-on information about ways to integrate social businesses into corporate supply chains. Through an online survey among readers and users of the manual informed the impact evaluation of the report and related events.