Social business development for basic needs & prosperous livelihoods in Uganda

The African continent is facing many challenges in the context of a drastically growing population. Food security, safe drinking water, sustainable livelihoods are among many problems that can be addressed, among others, through the establishment of impactful social businesses in the agricultural and other socio-economic sectors. Studio Nima has been commissioned by Go Smile Uganda to provide advisory support to the establishment and expansion of social businesses working towards sustainable development of the ecological ecosystem in Uganda.

The four areas in the field of sustainable and inclusive coffee & honey production, drinking water treatment and digital agriculture monitoring are at different stages of their development. Therefore, the assignment included a broad portfolio of deliverables, including the design and strategic direction of the different social business models, the conception and elaboration of business planning elements, including market research, product/ service specification, customer analysis & segmentation, financial monitoring & planning, as well as advisory services in the field of pilot implementation planning, scaling and fundraising strategy development.