Impact Measurement for Circular Economy - Impact Hub Berlin

As part of the Circular Together program launched by Impact Hub Berlin, we developed a Masterclass on Impact Measurement for Circular Economy. Seven startups working on circular solutions have been selected for the 2022 cohort to take part in the 6 months program in Berlin.

We have developed 4 Masterclasses that guide participants through the steps that are necessary to establishing an impact measurement system. This includes the development of a Theory of Change, approaches to do a life cycle assessment (LCA), and the link between impact measurement and the risk of mission drift. As such, the learning journey covers both the theoretical and practical spectrums of circular indicators. We elaborated on metrics along the life cycle stages of a circular value chain from raw materials to end-of-life. We also introduced and provided insights on impact measurement tools, such as indicator-based frameworks like Circulytics by Ellen MacArthur Foundation or the Circular Transition Indicators by World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

In addition to the Masterclasses, we conducted multiple rounds of individual mentoring sessions with each team to refine their circular economy indicators and frameworks.