Hydroponics Pilot

At Studio Nima we are always exploring innovative ideas and solutions that can make an impactful contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. We are currently working on a pilot project to make hydroponic food production an economically viable social business. We aim for circular, hyperlocal & low-environmental impact food production that offers nutritious food at fair prices all year-round. Hydroponics has the potential to drastically reduce the negative environmental impacts created through long supply chains and traditional food production. Hydroponic systems use up to 90% less water than traditional agriculture and prevent further pollution of our world soils. Furthermore, it offers farmers reliable food production and income security, because hydroponic farms require less space, provide high yields and offer independency from seasonal fluctuations & weather damage.

Upon success we want to introduce our hydrocity future farms to societies in developed and emerging economies in different regions around the world.