In September 2022 more than 60 supply chain actors (technology companies, researchers and other key stakeholders) from around the world convened for the first time around the topic of interoperability of digital traceability systems and its importance in global agricultural supply chains. The ambitious goal of the “Digital Integration of Agricultural Supply Chains Alliance” (DIASCA) is a broad agreement, to find and implement common data standards for traceability, forest monitoring and farm income by August 2023. This joint work will facilitate interoperability and data exchange between traceability systems and enable an easier implementation and monitoring of due diligence legislations and related EU initiatives (such as the legislative proposal to ban products associated with deforestation from entering the EU market). Leonhard was invited to moderate the series of roundtables and we are looking forward to supporting the DIASCA project in the coming months.

The second and third Roundtables of the “Digital Integration of Agricultural Supply Chains Alliance” (DIASCA) project took place in February and June 2023. Leonhard was moderating the Roundtables with impulses from the European Commission, the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, the Specialty Coffee Association, and many more.