Gaming for Democracy

Can digital games strengthen democracy?

In the face of democratic challenges in our society, there is a growing need for innovative approaches to promote peaceful democratic processes. One promising avenue is the use of digital games to transmit social norms and values to younger generations. By giving players exposure to decision making processes, they can gain insights into the complexities and tradeoffs of our democracies.

This idea was at the forefront of discussion during the inaugural Gaming for Democracy Roundtable, organized by Bertelsmann Stiftung and Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur, that took place in Berlin in October 2023. The Roundtable brought together stakeholders from the gaming industry, foundations, ministries and academia to explore the potential of a collaborative multistakeholder initiative leveraging the creative and inspirational power of digital games to enhance democratic participation, promote diversity and equity, and foster self-efficacy through personal development.

Following the success of the initial Roundtable, stakeholders got back together in February 2024 to further develop the initiative by identifying and setting up key areas of action. This was key in laying out the vision and foundations for the initiative. With Studio Nima’s involvement in both the conceptualization and moderation of these Roundtables, we are eager to contribute to the ongoing discussions aimed at addressing this crucial issue and look forward to the upcoming Roundtables.