We develop impactful social innovation and social business solutions

At Studio Nima our objective is to accelerate the growth and the emergence of social innovations that sustainably address the world’s most pressing issues. Transforming our economic systems to make them more equitable, lifting people out of poverty, making cities more sustainable, promoting gender equality and fighting climate change – many of today’s challenges require smart solutions. 

We want to better understand the increasing complexities of our time and therefore engage with our global network of experts to advance topics. We also want to make sure that innovative solutions will be implemented on the ground. 

We have developed, planned, incubated, grown and advised social business models in a wide range of areas and across the globe:

Circular Economy

Plastic Waste Recycling

Sustainability in Fashion and Textile

Hydroponics and the Future of Food

Future of Mobility & Sustainable Cities

Social Financing & Impact Investment

Job Creation in Africa

Integration of Marginalized Groups

Future of Education

Sports for Social Impact

… and many more

Unpuzzling Complexities

We want to better understand the increasing complexities of today and tomorrow. 

We work with a strong network of thought leaders to generate new findings that contribute to impactful solutions.

  • Research & Market Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Expert Interviews
  • Impact Stories
  • Future Scenarios

Repuzzling Solutions

We want to create real change on the ground and create solutions that have a positive impact.

We implement social innovation and social business solutions and make sure these ideas become reality.

  • Social Innovation Concepts
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Business Plans & Financial Plans
  • Social Business Implementation
  • Social Innovation Blueprints 

The Sustainable Development Goals

At Studio Nima we strongly support the Global Goals and aim for all our projects and partners to contribute to one or more of the 17 Global Goals that have been launched by the United Nations in 2015.

A 17-point plan to end poverty, halt climate change and fight injustice and inequality, the Global Goals are the biggest attempt in the history of the human race to make the world a better place.

A plan that 193 governments have agreed, a plan that the world wants and needs. A plan backed by leading business and organisations. A to-do-list for the planet that will only be achieved if everyone plays their part.

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